29 March 2012

Interview: Electric Wire Hustle


Fresh out of their first SXSW experience, Electric Wire Hustle - Mara TK, David "Taay Ninh" Wright and Myele Manzanza - will be basing themselves in Berlin for six months with three main goals: getting more shows in Europe, releasing their second album and having a decent crack at America. This is a seriously driven group of young men - who are building a serious global following.

"First I miss JayZ. Now I'm going to miss @E_W_H ... que puneta!"

"Sometimes the best @SXSW experiences are the least expected. Follow @E_W_H Electric Wire Hustle from NZ. Not to disappoint."

"Our favourite act last night at #SXSW was Electric Wire Hustle, Kiwi-soul purveyors from NZ. Check 'em out!"

"SF! ATTENTION! RT @HipHopCoolAgain: Electric Wire Hustle (@E_W_H) live at @yoshisjazz SF 3/22/12!! #newzealand!"


Music has always been about connecting. Connecting with your audience and with other like-minded folks. Independent artists will acknowledge genuine connections are vital to continuing any kind of career, particularly when negotiating the sharks and trolls that inhabit the music industry.

Individually and collectively, Electric Wire Hustle's ability to connect with people from across the globe - allied to their vibe-heavy psychedelic soul sound - sees them standing on the verge of big things in 2012.

For a group of young men making music that is distinctly fresh and forward-thinking, their pragmatism is perhaps fitting. Speaking about the next six months of their lives each of the band-members are clear-headed about what they want to achieve.

"It costs a lot to go and do this," says singer and multi-instrumentalist Mara TK, "It requires big investments of time and resources, but it is an investment, and we're still in the investment stage of building our business."

"Part of basing ourselves in Europe is to try and get over to the States if any other possibilities pop up," continues mutli-instrumentalist Taay Ninh, "Now that Europe's starting to build into a good thing for us, we're hoping we can get to that stage in the States as well, and try to establish ourselves with an agent and get some more shows."

"That's sort of one of our goals for SXSW," adds drummer Myele Manzanza, "Trying to find a good agent or some decent representation, someone who's on the ground and a bit more connected than we are."

It really is all about connections. All three of the band have attended the renowned Red Bull Music Academy, and admit the benefits have been far greater than musical. "The academy is definitely a big networking foundation," says Taay, "And in trying to forge a way in the States, we really have to call upon each and every contact that we have available."

It's not all about music industry types though. "We've met people who were following us since pretty much day dot!" says Taay, excitedly, "I was pleasantly surprised by how embracing everyone was of us and what we were up to. In particular the San Fran gig was the same warmth you get from playing in Wellington at the San Fran! It's like a home vibe and that to me was pretty special. ANd it just goes to show how quickly the music can travel. People are finding it. OK, maybe the've downloaded it, but here they are at the show. While music may not be selling as many units as it used to, the cycles still working - just in a different way."

EWH is well aware of 'the cycle' and they've been working hard on having new music to perform, record and release. After spending six weeks together in Wellington brainstorming ideas, they'd amassed a wealth of material, which they're looking at filtering through while living in Berlin. As for encountering problems with the close-quarter living arrangements? Their pragmatism shines through once more. "It's a good unit," says Manzanza, matter-of-factly, "I guess the trick is just to allow everyone their space when it's time for that, and when it's time to be sharp and be on the ball - then be on the ball!"

"This will be the longest we've been away collectively focussed on the band for," enthuses Taay, "I'm excited about getting to Europe and just being able to lock it in and focus and get it finished."

"A couple of people have said it's fruity," says Mara TK, "I don't think it's fruity!"

"It's pretty eclectic!" counters Tayy.

"It's more like three distinguishable styles," insists Mara TK, "Myele's producing more on this album and I think all three of us have been listening to quite different things for the last little while, so that has certainly seeped into the sound."

"I guess that's just the period we're in artistically at the moment," admits Taay, "Creating all this new material and trying to find consistency, and at the same time filtering through it as we've done in the past. I mean, you don't have any guidelines to follow! It's kind of instinctual and at the same time it comes out in our discussions: 'Is this us?', but even asking that question's a bit abstract because we feel that we're evolving. Though we've got some strong ideas, we haven't moulded it to the point where we're like, 'OK, cool, this is us'. Yet!"


I had the pleasure of conducting the interview above just prior to their final New Zealand shows before hitting the road for WOMADelaide and their shows in the States. At the time, these were their thoughts on the impending SXSW shows:

"We keep hearing that SXSW is a kind of, for lack of a better word," pauses Manzanza, "Clusterfuck of music industry, type of thing, so it should be pretty full-on. We're not necessarily expecting the most polished kind of environment or circumstances. We're going in with a sort of infantry, soldier-on-the-ground thing..."

"You should see TK," deadpans Taay, "He's got the meanest commando roll down."

"Yeah man," grins Mara TK, "Sometimes you just gotta get out!"

Really rather fortunately for us, Taay Ninh kindly took the time after playing at SXSW to jot down a few thoughts about each of the five shows the band played in the three days they were in Austin for the festival. here are those thoughts:

"SXSW is crazy, there's no doubt about that," states Taay, "It really feels like the centre of the musical inverse for the period that it engulfs Austin. And Austin seems to be wholeheartedly wwelcome being engulfed!"

Show #1: Swan Dive
First cab off the rank is the Yours Tru.ly showcase (our fam from San Fran). The venue has history and much character. Dusting a bit of rust off we get into the swing of things after the first tune. We've been warned of potentially small crowds, but this venue's packed and the reception is warm. Receive high compliments from th ex-drummer of Babes In Toyland and talk a tour of Canada. Agent for Robert Plant is here. Also see B-Bravo and The Starship Connection live for the first time and meet Coultrain (Hawthorne Headhunters, PPP) which is dope.

Show #2: Malverde
Our friends Mint Collective and Grown Kids Radio (Bay Area). Amazing setting in a beautifully designed space. I'm distracted by the view off the balcony and the hand-made t-shirts we're given. There's a good vibe here and the line-up is tight. One of the keyboards bugs out and stops working (long story) so we try to perform the hell out of our show after Alice Russell smashes it with San Fran's legendary The Park backing her. Pack down real quick after a photo-shoot to head to the other side of town.

Show #3: Gypsy Lounge
The Couch Sessions. Now we're out in a tent on the other side of town. Some big names on the bill with us. Manage to scramble the loan of another keyboard. On stage sound i stesting butw e put on a good show and convert some new fans. The Couch Sessions crew are great - true aficionados. Hang out with The Step Kids after and talk donuts and a get together in New York.

Show #4: New Zealand Showcase
Easiest set-up by far and a contrast to the previous shows. Great stage crew. Feels like home. King Kapisi slays it and so does Cairo Knife Fight and Avalanche City after us. We put on a tight show and while the crowd is more industry it feels good as we walk off the stage without any major mishap. Spy Valley wines - always a treat and the location draws some people off the street. Shout out to Gary and the NZ Music Commission.

Show #5: The Driskill
With under an hour before the next showcase we have to haulgear five blocks or so to the plush setting of The Driskill hotel for the Style X showcase. Things run real tight - too tight as Hayley (our manager) is caught in traffic with a keyboard and the stands. We commandeer two other stands and make do with one keyboard and make-shift set-up. Maybe it's the last show. Maybe it's resigning yourself to the fact it's not going to be perfect and that's just the nature of SXSW. Maybe it's the body seeing the finish line and some potential rest? We give it our all and let go of all the rigmarole that's surrounded getting here and being here. We play the hardest we've played and it's acknowledged by the whole audience, which is rewarding. Meet some great people afterwards and there's talk of more things to come, including yet another Miller Light (much to everyone's delight).

The original version of this interview appeared in VOLUME magazine Issue #28

28 March 2012

Review: Nathan Haines 'The Poet's Embrace'

The Poet's Embrace

"Jazz is not a young man's game if it's to be in some way up there with the real thing." -- Nathan Haines

Thisis a quite remarkable statement: seemingly loaded with humility and a knowledge gained from years spent in the trenches; it could also illustrate nicely the elitist attitude befitting a "proper" jazz musician unconcerned with lesser mortals. This is the dichotomy of Nathan Haines. One of our finest musicians, Haines is internationally recognised and respected, yet he has a reputation for rubbing people up the wrong way. Is it envy? Jealousy? Perhaps, when you're capable of making music as gorgeous as this, it doesn't really matter...? Whatever your opinion about the man, it cannot be argued The Poet's Embrace, his eighth album, is immensely likeable, full of subtlety and nuance, vim and vigour, excitement and intelligence. (A bit like Haines himself, then.) Produced by Mike Patto (Reel People) and recorded completely live - with a quartet featuring the magnificent Kevin Field (piano) alongside Thomas Botting (bass) and Alain Koetsier (drums) - the album was completed in two sessions, utilising a range of vintage recording techniques. That's right: no drum loops, synths or guest vocalists in sight. This is proper jazz played by proper jazz musicians worthy of immersing yourself in regardless of your age, or experience with jazz music.

4 stars from 5

Listen to Murry Sweetpants and I discussing The Poet's Embrace (among other things) on his Radio Ponsonby Breakfast Show here. Enjoy.

25 March 2012

Playlist: George FM 'In The Pocket' Sun 25 Mar

Pacific Heights with Joe Dukie | Peace
Mayer Hawthorne | A Long Time (Finnebassen remix)
Neil Diablo | The Feeling
King Kapisi | Sub-Cranium Feeling
Quantic & His Combo Barbaro | Arianita
Area Social | The Blow Is Back
Uptown Funk Empire | Boogie
Onur Engin | Brisk
King Onkyo | Boogie Gonna Get Ya (Discodub version)
SaiR | Clockwise (Show Your Shoe remix)
Rock Master Rus B | Dirty Lowdown 
Get Down | Far Beyond (Get Down edit)
Eva Gina | Gappy Daze
Soul II Soul | Back To Life
Anthony Mansfield | Son Of Zeus
Sleeve | My Life
Imagination | So Good, So Right
Gazeebo | One More Time Baby
The Bee-Gees | Staying Alive (Kon's Mr Whiskey dub)
Kid Sublime | Basement Works Vol. 5A - Part One
Superspirit | We Belong To The Cosmos (Jugoe edit)

"Dusty Discovery of the Week": So Good, So Right is taken from 'Body Talk', Imagination's debut album, from 1981.

Listen back to the show here...

Review: Brighton Treats compilations by Rob Luis

Various Artists
Compiled and Mixed by Robert Luis

Various Artists
Compiled and Mixed by Robert Luis

The heads among you will be wondering why on earth I'm "reviewing" a pair of compilation albums that not only came out more than five years ago, but also in such small quantities (allegedly only 400 copies of each!) most everyone on the planet has little hope of procuring a copy. Not that I'm advocating illegal downloading or file-sharing, but I'm sure if you try hard enough you'll track these two gems down. The rewards are well worth the efforts, regardless of any legal wrangles which may ensue. Tru Thoughts label-founder Robert Luis butters up both selections with a fine array of music from his own label, among a deft selection of tunes from across the spectrum.

Brighton Treats With Jamaican Beats sees Luis lay out a chilled selection on disc one with a bunch of rare reggae tunes and downtempo grooves, while on disc two he throws down a tougher blend of hip hop, drum and bass, reggae and dancehall. This is all top shelf material, covering Junior Murvin, Byron Lee, The Upsetters, Papa Levi, Nina Simone, The Specials, Ghostface Killah, Butch Cassidy Soundsystem, El Michels Affair, Handsome Boy Modeling School, Emanon, Pete Rock, Lily Allen, Digitek, Lightning Head, Quantic, PD Syndicate, Stylo - and many more besides.

Brighton Treats With Popped Beats takes a different tack altogether, with Luis assembling a massive collection of covers, mixes, remixes, originals and rarities that have tickled the British Top 40 at some point over the last decades. It's a broad, sweeping selection that sees the underground collide headfirst with pop music, and with the likes of N*E*R*D, Breaks Co-Op, Olive, Radiohead, Christina Aguilera, Aretha Franklin, Zero 7, Eminem, Portishead, The Wild Bunch, Texas, Dizzee Rascal, Wiley, John Legend, Michael Jackson, Britney Spears and plenty more on board, this is one of the greater guilty pleasures in my record collection.

4 stars from 5 (both compilations)

Check out my review of Tru Thoughts Shapes 11.01, also compiled by Robert Luis.

22 March 2012

Playlist: George FM 'Midweek Pocket' Wed 21 Mar

Perseus | Seychelles
Debukas | Golden Mind (Pional remix)
Cole Medina | House Feels So Good
Persnickety Presents Mr Snippy | Jam All Night (Mr Snippy extended edit)
2 Guys In Venice | Freeze
Jacques Renault | Main Line
Dirty McKenzie | Right On Time
Young MC | Bust A Move (Stickybuds remix)
Ray Charles | What'd I Say? (Bobby C Sound TV remix)
The Black Seeds | Rotten Apples (Timothy Wisdom remix)
Harvey Mason | On & On
Carmen | Throw Down
Oliver | All Night
DeBarge | Baby Won't Cha Come Quick
Earth, Wind & Fire | Evil
Margaret Dygas | Obinh's Groove
Trus' Me v Chic | 4 Working Nights/Rhythm Makers
GQ | Disco Nights (Rock Freak) (Frico edit)
John Gibbs | Get Down With The Jam Band (Joey Negrore-edit)
The Gap Band | I'm Ready
The Whispers | Keep On Loving Me (Onra edit)

Thanks to the wonders of the modern web experience, you're able to listen back to this show here. Big shouts to the crew in the George office for making this happen on the regular! Enjoy...

21 March 2012

Review: Mo Kolours 'EP2: Banana Wine'

EP2: Banana Wine
[One Handed Music]

Beguiling. That nicely sums up EP2: Banana Wine, from the half-Mauritian, half-English, half-percussionist, half-beatmaker known as Mo Kolours. Drawing on influences as diverse as Madlib, Theo Parrish, El Guincho and Lee 'Scratch' Perry, this seven-track EP (plus a fitting leftfield house remix by Beautiful Swimmers) is a fascinating blend of the music of Mo Kolours' ancestral home and that of his current base in South London. More so than on EP1: Drum Talking. And you ain't gonna find this filed in the 'World Music' section of your local record store. While EP opener Ridda Mountain and following track Twelve weave their slow-motion magic through a thick cloud of hash smoke, both Mini Culcha and Talking Move are much more uptempo, meshing the Sega music of Mo Kolours' homeland with squelchy synth chords and digitised rhythms. It's this relative diversity which gives the EP much of its charm; though Mo Kolours' unassuming voice brings a certain realness and warmth wholly in keeping with the thick layers of chords and bass-lines found here. Impressively different without being dis-jointed or over-reaching, this is an assured step from an artist who clearly has big tings gwaan.

4 stars from 5

Check out EP2: Banana Wine for yourself here, and find out more about Mo Kolours here.

19 March 2012

Listen Up: 'In The Pocket' with 90 & Jay Jeffrey


You can check out 'In The Pocket with 90' featuring special guest Jay Jeffrey by clicking here.

The full playlist is here, but I need to mention Windjammer, Minnie Ripperton, Asphalt Jungle, Donna Summer, Maze and The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble up front, as a teaser, if you will...

Tune in next Sunday from midday 'til 2pm (NZT) on George 96.6FM and streaming live on www.georgefm.co.nz /// Text the DJ on 966 /// email the studio on studio@georgefm.co.nz 

18 March 2012

Playlist: George FM 'In The Pocket' Sun 18 Mar

Wonderful to welcome a co-host to the show today, with Jay Jeffrey stepping up and providing us all with the platters that matter - in tandem with yours truly, of course. But don't just take my word for it, check out the tracklist below, and listen to the show again here.

Miles Bonny | Lumberjack Soul
The Dynamic Set with Liam Bailey | When Will They Learn
Dedy Dread | Psychedelic Cloud
Kidboy | Yo Me Voy De Aqui
*Bobby Thurston | The Very Last Drop
*Windjammer | Tossing & Turning
*Maze | Before I Let You Go
*Little Beaver aka Willie Hale | Concrete Jungle
*Hackney Colliery Band | No Diggity
*Taggy Matcher | Hypnotize
Donna Summer | State Of Independence (The Revenge edit)
Minnie Ripperton | Inside My Love (Late Night Tuff Guy edit)
The Kenneth Bager Experience with Aloe Blacc | The Sound Of Swing Part Two (Onur Engin edit)
Hypnotic Brass Ensemble | Brass In Africa
Quantic & His Combo Barbaro with Nidia Gongora | Un Canto A Mi Tierra (J Boogie remix)
*Panache | Sweet Jazz Music
*Ashphalt Jungle | Freakin' Time
*Deloris Sley | It's About Time
*Mixed Grill | Wired
*Wizdom | I'm So In Love With You
Philadelphia International All-Stars | Let's Clean Up The Ghetto (Danny Krivit edit)

(Selections marked with an * by Jay Jeffrey)

14 March 2012

Live: Taking It Back

Longroom presents
With Your Hosts and DJs
A Brand New Weekly Night Of All Good Music, All Night Long
THURSDAYS from 7pm

12 March 2012

Review: Myele Manzanza 'One'

[Every Waking Hour]

"You're a nice boy, we like you heaps... but really your drumming is unacceptable any more, OK? Bye bye for now."

I wonder if Myele Manzanza's neighbours see it as a compliment that a selection of their phone messages feature on the opening track of One, Manzanza's debut solo album? A tribute to their patience, perhaps? Patience is one thing Manzanza seems not to have. The young man seemingly moves at the speed of light, having played with everyone in NZ from Recloose to Olmecha Supreme to Scribes Of Ra. Currently one-third of "super-group" Electric Wire Hustle, Manzanza's skills as a drummer are clearly apparent. The first "proper" song here, Big Space, lays those skills out for all to see as it builds into a hard, funky, jazz freakout; while the following track, Absent (featuring the ever-compelling Bella Kalolo) gives us a glimpse into Manzanza's abilities as a songwriter and beatmaker. And it's true: he's a talented motherfucker. The blend of live drumming and programmed instrumentation is spot-on, and all of the ideas presented are well thought through and impeccably delivered, in what is an excellent debut. Having said that, instrumentals like Delay and Elvin's Brew are impressive but challenging to listen to, while the more "straight-ahead" tracks like City of Atlantis (with Charlie K and Ladi6) and On The Move (featuring Rachel Fraser), really shine - perhaps because of a more subtle hand on the production rudder. Though Manzanza himself has stated he was keen to reflect the many aspects of his musical interests, so in that regard, job well done. Other guests include Mark de Clive-Lowe, Isaac Aesili, Steph Brown, Crete Haami, fellow EWH bandmates Mara TK and David Wright, and Myele's Dad, renowned musician Sam Manzanza. As for Myele's neighbours? I reckon they'd just be happy he's spending the next few months based in Europe.

4 stars from 5

Go and purchase One here... I did.

08 March 2012

Credit To The Edit: Onur Engin

The first in a brand new (but admittedly intermittent) series highlighting some of my favourite edits, reworks and re-rubs of recent times. The whole "edit culture" seems to get bad press from grumpy DJs, but there's definitely some boss among the dross. Here's one: Turkish producer Onur Engin has released a slew of cracking edits, pretty much all of which qualify as 'class'. Cop a few of them on his Soundcloud page, or check his facebook for more info. Two absolute belters below: James Mason's 'Sweet Power Your Embrace' and Kool and The Gang's 'Summer Madness Live'. Get hip to the script flip...

James Mason - Sweet Power Your Embrace (Onur Engin Edit) by Onur Engin

Kool & The Gang - Summer Madness (Onur Engin Edit) by Onur Engin

07 March 2012

Playlist: George FM 'Play It All Back' Wed 7 Mar

Another day, another radio show. I feel pretty lucky to be able to play as much music as I do on George FM - and here's the playlist from 'Play It All In The Back Pocket', where I did my best to fill in for Mr Roger Perry. Check it...

Late Night Tuff Guy | Come Inside Me (LNTG rework)
Marvin Gaye | Sexual Healing (Simon's Dark Keys remix)
Mayer Hawthorne | Um Caso Estranho (A Strange Arrangement version)
Kwick | Nightlife
Sly & The Family Stone | If You Want Me To Stay (Funk Ferret edit)
DJ Steef | Just Let It Lay (DJ Steef edit)
George Benson | Shiver (Space Duke extended edit)
Al Green | Piece Of Mine (Jayl Funk edit)
Sleeve | Hipness
Key-Matic | Breakin' In Space
Gazeebo | Bottoms Up
Jimmy Castor | Supersound (Busta & Some DJ remix)
Picture House | Blaxploitation
Parliament | Aqua Boogie (Slynk edit)
Odyssey | Going Back To My Roots (Fingerman's Maximum Fonk edit)
Dez Andres | A Time To Boogie
Area Social | Dayton's Tonite
Zapp | It Doesn't Really Matter
Majesty's Pleasure | What's The Word (Respect)
Moon Boots | Bills To Pay

Review: Hallelujah Picassos 'Picasso Core Jukebox'

Picasso Core Jukebox
[Fruity Loop Recordings]

"I want to educate people to the fact there are always more possibilities than the situations you have encountered. Naivety is still so strong among people. The Picassos are about social and cultural observation." - Harold 'Roland' Rorschach, Hallelujah Picassos (1992)

I remember coming to Auckland from a rather rural upbringing in Waihi Beach, all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, and first encountering the Hallelujah Picassos. I was gobsmacked. As a young man wanting to get my teeth into playing in a proper band, these guys blew my mind. They played reggae. They played rock. They played most everything - hard, and loud. I was sold. What's more, they hung out at what became my local: DKD Cafe. What was curious to me was they never really received their dues. Shit, there are kids worldwide right now trying to piece together what these guys did years ago! Perhaps Picasso Core Jukebox (alongside last years' originals collection, Rewind The Hateman) might address that? Probably not. That's a shame, as these guys were the real deal and even now, well over a decade later, the excitement, the genine intent, the sheer passion seeps through these incredibly diverse grooves. Imagine what this sounded like to a fifteen year old kid from the country!? It was like nothing I'd ever heard before. Scratch that. It was like everything I'd ever heard before, thrown together in an aggressive, vibrant, liberating whole. Put aside the decidedly average recording quality on some of these tracks and put yourself into the shoes of early 1990s New Zealanders as the Hallelujah Picassos tore through a set littered with these (severely) re-imagined covers alongside their own material. One of the criticisms these guys have always copped is that their records sounded like compilations. Fuck that. And fuck the Great New Zealand Songbook, while we're at it. If you want some proper NZ music history, and you want to pay respect to some of the actual originators in our scene, buy Rewind The Hateman, and then buy this. Makes me proud to be a Kiwi again.

4 stars from 5

06 March 2012

Playlist: George FM 'Free Range' Tue 6 Mar

It's been, oh, about one day since I was on the radio last, so just as well the boss rang asking me to cover Soane's show this morning. I was almost starting to get withdrawal symptoms...

Electric Wire Hustle | Perception
Julien Dyne | Burritoe
Duff Disco | Crazy For Duff
Livingstone & Canosis | Walk On The Wild Side
Rayko | Broadway
Lord Echo | Wang East
Jean Claude Gavri | Flight 106 (Analog Synthology Trip)
Daniel Lucas | After Dark
Greg Wilson | Full-Tilt Boogie
Keep Schtum | Hang Together
Sixth Avenue Express | Can't Stop Feelin'
Renegades Of Jazz | Moo Juice (Benji Boko & BOY COM remix vocal)
Marlena Shaw | California Soul (A-Skillz remix)
Jay-Z & Kanye West | Otis (A-Skillz remix)
Chris Malinchak | There I Was
Psychemagik | Boogie Drome
Lindstrom & Christabelle | Baby Can't Stop
P-Money & Vince Harder | Everything
Funk Moguls v Avicii | Superstar Levels
Allen Hoist | Inner City Blues (4Hero remix)

04 March 2012

Go Buy It: George FM Yearbook 2011

Now Available In Stores and On Line

The radio station I've been lucky enough to remain involved with for some years now has recently released a compilation of tracks voted on by listeners and mixed by Dick Johnson, and I feel obliged to encourage you to purchase it. Not because of any sense of loyalty to the station, but because it's really rather good. There's plenty of huge songs on there (SBTRKT, Chase and Status, Nero, Toddla T, Magnetic Man and Katy B, Joe Goddard, Two Bears, PNAU and plenty more), and best of all, a stack of local talent - Ladi 6, Tiki and Sambora, David Dallas, P-Money and Dan Aux, MayaVanya and even old Magik himself. 

So go on, get your metaphorical wallet out and get amongst...

Playlist: George FM 'In The Pocket' Sun 4 Mar

Cheryl Lynn | Encore (Frankie Goes Deep Space Dub)
D Pulse | Velocity Of Love (Eclectic Sound Sunset mix)
B Jam | Wait
Duff Disco | Return Of The Duff
DJ Steef | Simply Beautiful (edit)
Grandmaster Flash | The Message (Roots Manuva remix)
Kool & The Gang | Get Down On It (Rocco Raimundo edit)
Skool Boyz | Superfine (Space Duke edit)
Akasha | Thunder In Your Love (inst.)
Herbie Hancock | Palm Grease
The Whispers | Keep On Loving Me (Onra edit)
Bobby C | Ian's Delight
Q-Tip | Manwomanboogie
Plantlife | When She Smiles She Lights The Sky
Pacific Heights with Joe Dukie | Peace
Donald Byrd | Dominoes
Legacy | Word Up
Rayko | Gettin' Down
Drop Out Orchestra | Release Myself